Peter Weatherall (G3MLO) and Nigel Bourner (G4JYU) have been kind enough to produce a Morse code course for beginners and for those who need to develop their Morse skills a series of plain language.

The Beginners course:

This course consists of a range of audio tracks that covers the characters of the alphabet, numbers and pro signs. This progresses onto simple plain language at builds up to a steady 15 characters per minute.

The first lesson – Characters E, I, S,H, 5
The Second Lesson -Characters T,M,O,0
The Third Lesson – Culmination of Lesson 1 & 2 – E,I,S,H,5, T,M,O.0
The Fourth Lesson – E,I,S,H,5,T,M,O,0 and small words from the characters learnt so far.
The Fifth Lesson – K,C, Y, X,/,. then E.I.S.H,5, T,M,O,0 mixed
The Sixth Lesson – K,C, Y, X,/,. then E.I.S.H,5, T,M,O,0 mixed – ending with words.
The Seventh Lesson – E,I,S,H,5  K,C,Y,X, /., – ending with words

The Eighth Lesson – N,D,B,6  E,I,SH,5  K,C,Y,X, /.,  T,M,O,0

The Tenth Lesson – N,D,B,6  E,I,S,H,5  K,C,Y,X, /.,  ending with Words

Lesson Number 11 – E,I,S,H,5  T,M,O,0  ending with Mixed  Words

Lesson Number 12 – N,D,B,6  K,C,Y,X, /.,  ending with Words

Lesson Number 13 – E,I,S,H,5  N,D,B,6  ending with Words

Lesson number 14 – K,C,Y,X, /.,  T,M,O,0  E,I,S,H,5  ending with Words
Lesson Number 15 – B,6,H,5,Y,K  G,Q,Z,7,8,9

The Development Course:

After mastering the alphabet, number, pro signs and simple plain language you are ready to advance to the development course. This series of audio tracks will help you to develop your skills and help you to increase your copying speed.

If you need any personalised help please contact Peter Weatherall on who will help to tailor some practice suited to your needs.

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